Abandon The Risk Of Unplanned Pregnancy Using MTP KIT

A pregnancy that is completely unplanned in spite of bringing happiness takes away all the peace and joy of the house. A girl who is not even eligible to vote when made forcefully pregnant by an act of sexual molestation will ruin the self-confidence of the girl and might leave the family under attacks of harsh words from our society. Struggling with such conditions, family and the girl who is pregnant seeks only one-way out, to be out the girth is abortion. It is a safe way to terminate the unplanned pregnancy non-surgically with complete safety. This medicine gives you the complete secrecy to drain out the unwanted gestation out the womb in the easiest way.

A woman may have many reasons for undergoing an abortion like first and foremost reason is the financial build-up so that the couple can together give their child a bright and lavish future instead of keeping the child deprived of lavish lifestyle due to the couple struggling career and lack of financial backup. Patients that are small in age has to deal with many other and usual issues like difficulties in pursuing education and may get a backlog in their career.

Abortion gives the women a safe way to abort the unwanted fetus out her womb but these you have to take before you reach to 9 weeks of gestation and Abortion Pills Kit gives you the freedom of unplanned pregnancy to undergo an abortion in a complete secretive manner. This packing of MTP Kit has two active pharmaceutical ingredients Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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Mifepristone is the ingredient that shuts down the supply of progesterone hormone in the women whose proper concentration is essential inside the woman body to maintain the healthy pregnancy so due intake of Mifepristone essential supply of nutrients and oxygen gets restricted to fetus and pregnancy gets terminated. Misoprostol is the medicine that constricts and relaxes the uterus to evacuate out the unwanted gestation out from the body in form of menstrual bleeding.

MTP Kit has 5 pills in the pack, 1 of Mifepristone 200mg and 4 of Misoprostol 200mcg each. The patient can take the first pill of Mifepristone over an empty stomach with a huge sum of water. After giving the lapse of 2 days patients are recommended to put all 4 doses of Misoprostol under your tongue or put the medications deep into your vaginal region. Wait for 2 weeks and visit the nearby clinic for the ultrasound to know that no fetal piece has left inside the uterine cavity.

Nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, headache, intense pain in the abdomen, heavy menstrual flow with the passage of blood chinks, itching are some adverse effects of taking MTP kit.

Cautionary measures a woman taking MTP pill must follow:

  • Escape the beverages like alcohol, coffee, and grapefruit juice
  • Avoid deeply fried and heavy foods
  • Remove IUD from your intimate region prior putting the Misoprostol pills
  • Never use MTP pills to evacuate out ectopic pregnancy

Buy cheap MTP Kit (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) online from our website at discounts and avail faster delivery of medicine at your door.


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